We offer tailor made packages for the following tours including accommodation



(Nyanga Holiday Home) along Brackenridge road, 12km before Mutarazi Falls, sitting on 4 hectares of land. The holiday home has a main house which takes 13 people maximum and a family cottage which takes 6 people maximum. The house also has 2 apartments/ flatlets which are suitable for small families or single couples. We have no wifi at the home as the signal is very weak but we do have Tvs and open view decoders. Clients are free to bring their own explorer decoders. We do have a big and beautiful garden for those who would wish to have picnics, braai or just relaxing in the garden. Our garden houses quite a number of rare species of birds. This Holiday Home takes 26 people maximum in both main house and cottage. The house is close to Mutarazi Falls & 25km away from Heaven Rest Cottage and Sunset Lodge.



( Heaven Rest ) is located in Juliasdale (Tintagel road) 5-minute drive from Montclair Hotel. The main cottage takes 12 people maximum. This is our flagship cottage for those looking for private high-end accommodation in the countryside. The cottage has a seperate honeymoon apartment attached to the main cottage but uses a different entrance. Takes 12 people maximum in both main cottage and honeymoon apartment. It is a 1km away from Sunset Lodge.



This is our exclusive cottage located in Juliasdale, Nyanga. A 10-minute drive from Montclair Hotel. The lodge has 4 bedrooms comes with beautiful sunset views from the balcony, a big and beautiful garden, a bar area, a big lounge, and a big dining area. We do have a basement with an extra toilet where we can accommodate any extra people. The lodge takes 8 people maximum.


Nyakupinga Falls -2km

Pungwe View -7km

Home View 10km

Mutarazi Falls $5 entrance fees per person – 14km

Rhodes Museum $2 per person – 30km

National Parks $5 entrance fees – 30km

Nyangombe Falls $5 entrance fees 34km


Nyamoro Tea Garden

Horse riding at Trout-beck n for 30 minutes.

canoeing for 30 minutes.



Rhodes Hotel 30km radius meals from $5

Monteclair Hotel 23km radius meals from $15

Trout-beck Resort 52km meals from $15