Full Day Chobe

Activity Description

Full Day Chobe Trip from Livingstone, Zambia. Enjoy game viewing in this iconic park. Chobe National Park is well known for its large herds of elephant that frequent the Chobe River daily. In the dry season approximately 85 000 elephants can be dispersed within the Chobe National Park, where a vast number can be found along the river. Apart from the elephants, Chobe also has lots more to offer; the Park has lions, leopards, buffalo and a whole host of antelope like sable, puku, kudu, eland, roan and many others which you can view. The river is filled with big pods of hippos and some of the biggest crocodiles in Africa.

This tour leaves daily to the Chobe National Park in Botswana. Clients will be transferred to the Kazungula border where their Botswana guide will meet them. They will proceed straight to the morning cruise where they will spend the morning game viewing along the Chobe River. The tour will end at around 12h30 and clients will go to a hotel on the riverbank for lunch. After lunch, guests will board safari vehicles for an afternoon game drive in the Chobe National Park. Following this they will be taken back to the Kazungula Border where they will be met by their Zimbabwean guide for their return transfer to Victoria Falls.


Duration: 7 hours

When: All year round

Where: Victoria Falls, Zimbabwe

Weather: Weather permitting

What to Wear: For a more memorable experience, clients are advised to wear the following: · Comfortable attire that provides protection from the sun · Hiking/running shoes · Warm clothing in winter (April to August)

What to Bring: Clients are advised to bring the following with them: · Sunscreen · Mosquito repellent

Guests or Spectators: No spectators allowed


Minimum Age: 2 years

Minimum Height0.0 m

Maximum Height0.0 m

Fitness LevelNo Fitness Requirement

QualificationsNot Applicable

Maximum Weight0.0 kg

CertificationNone Required

Experience LevelNo Experience Requirement

Inclusions and Exclusions

Inclusions: Transfer, game drive, boat cruise and lunch


Visas may be required for this tour (for guests’ own account). Chobe National Park entrance fee not included.
Transfers outside Livingstone, Zambia


07:00 to 07:30 – Guests to be picked up from their hotel and proceed on a 70km journey through the countryside to the Kazungula border.
• 08:30 – Arrival at the Kazungula Border, where guests will exit Zimbabwe/Zambia and enter Botswana. At the border guests will change vehicles and are met by their Botswana guide.
• 08:45 – Once guests have gone through Botswana immigration, they will take a short drive to Chobe Marina Lodge.
• 09:00 to 09:15 – Arrival at the hotel, where guests will have a short bathroom break, and will also be required to fill out the Park Entry form.
• 09:30 – Depart on guests’ first activity; either game drive or boat cruise. If guests would like to go on another activity first, then they would have to specify.
• 12:30 – Return to the hotel for lunch. This will be served either a la carte or buffet style, with a selection of traditional and modern day meals to choose from.
• 13:30 – Depart for guests’ second activity. This will be the activity of which guests will have not done yet. If guests did boat cruise in the morning, then they will do a game drive in the afternoon and vice versa.
• 16:00 – Return from the Park and head back to the Kazungula Border.
• 16:30 – Guests will meet their Wild Horizons bus and are transported back to their hotel.
• 17:30 – Arrive at guests’ hotel.


The Flying Fox

Everyone wants to have superpowers, and nine out of ten times their chosen superpower would be the ability to fly. With the Flying Fox, you can finally realize that dream. The adventure begins on a wooden platform, and with your heart racing and palms sweating, you can see wide the gorge and hear the deafening rapids below. With a harness secured, you take your first steps towards that feeling of flight. When your feet leave the platform, the harness turns you into “Superman position”, so that you are horizontally suspended as you zoom through the air. Any fear you may have felt before is whisked away in the wind as you soar between the lips of the gorge above breath taking views. The gentle pace of the flying fox enables you to fully appreciate the vegetation that sprout from the cracks in the rock and climb up the black basalt. The sounds of the rapids churning below mingle with the calls of the birds that fly at what is now eye level. The Flying Fox is perfect for adrenaline junkies. This section of the gorge is 200 meters wide and 120 meters deep and more often than not, it arouses your appetite for the faster, more thrilling high wire activities.


Duration Open Ended

When All year round

Where Victoria Falls, Zimbabwe

Weather permitting

What to Wear: For a memorable experience, clients are advised to wear the following: · Comfortable attire that provides protection from the sun · Hiking/running shoes · Hair ties (for longer hair) · Warm clothing in winter (April to August) Lockers are available, however, guests are implored to leave valuables at home/the hotel.

What to Bring: Clients are advised to bring the following with them: · Sunscreen · Mosquito repellent

Guests or Spectators: Spectators allowed


Minimum Age0 years

Minimum Height0.0 m

Maximum Height0.0 m

Fitness Level No Fitness Requirement

Qualifications Not Applicable

Maximum Weight140.0 kg

Certification None Required

Experience Level No Experience Requirement

Inclusions and Exclusions


The Flying Fox
Scheduled transfers from / to Vic Falls Town / Hotels
Park Fees of $3.00


Items of a personal nature, videography and photos of the activity
Transfers outside Victoria Falls, Zimbabwe


Medical Conditions
Guests must ensure that…  is aware of any medical conditions they may have before the activities’ commencement. This includes any allergies e.g. bee stings, nuts, shell fish etc. If a guest is at risk of anaphylactic shock, they must ensure that they carry an EpiPen with them.

It’s very important that guests drink plenty of water especially during the warmer months. It is generally recommended that guests drink at least 2 to 3 liters of water per day to limit the effects of dehydration. This excludes tea, coffee and alcoholic beverages, which act as diuretics and can therefore, actually contribute to dehydration.