Medical volunteering at the local clinics at the prime tourist resort areas in Zimbabwe

Are you passionate about improving the lives of others? Are you caring, dedicated and interested in wealth health care and medicine? Join us in this wonderful project in Zimbabwe.

The aim of this Voluntourism project is to provide volunteers with a great opportunity to contribute to the medical welfare of the prime tourist areas in Zimbabwean communities and experience unspoiled African wilderness.


Shared house for voluntourists or B& B


3 meals a day included

Minimum stay: optional

Who will I look after?

You will help provide primary healthcare to the local community and surrounding areas by assisting doctors and nurses. The clinics and hospital treat around 80% of the local residents within the tourist resort area

About the medical volunteer project

The hospital teat around 80% patients each and every year .Approximately 40% are children and 70% of these are under the age of 5 years old. Sadly TB and HIV are the prevalent in the communities as is alcoholism .They also see a lot of patients with aches and pains, everyday problem. Common disease amongst child patients include fungal infections , intestinal worms, diarrhoea , dehydration, malnutrition and mouth infections,( e.g. oral Thrush).By themselves , these infections and illness may not be particularly severe , However if left untreated they get much worse leading to complications and in severe cases of death.

In addition to working at the hospital our doctors and nurses also carry out regular outreach clinics at the local schools, resettlements villages and farms.

The project will also run a Community Health Worker Scheme which focuses on teaching members of the community the basics of first aid and general health cure in order for them to impact this to their communities.

Voluntourists are key to the success of these special places. All the money raised through our volunteering program goes back directly back into the project which provide employment, healthcare, education and accommodation to the communities and to ensure rescue survival and rehabilitation of the orphaned and injured African wildlife.

What will I be doing at the medical volunteering project?

During the project you should spend your time at the remote clinic or hospitals in tourist centred areas. Zimbabwe is truly a wonderful country to experience , the scenery is spectacular and you will work with a friendly and dedicated team. If you come prepared to learn and to give your best , you will be rewarded with a fantastic experience and wonderful memories s to take home

You will be provided the following

Hands on support ; You will have the opportunity to provide hands on support at the clinic and hospitals checking measurement such as blood pressure , haemoglobin levels and mid arm upper circumference , helping run the reception and in helping in the dispensary.

Deal with Patients; you will deal closely with patients from the local community , learn more about their way of life and give cure to the patients living in the extreme poverty at clinics remote location.

Gain experience; Prospective medical students can expect teaching on basic clinical skills, history taking and examinations of patients. Trained professionals will be asked to run consultations with patients and assist them during the outreach work. This will provide a great opportunity for the trainees professionals to have greater impact on the people who are at most in need of help.

Undertake research; Depending on the length of your stay and medical knowledge , you may be asked to undertake a research project or assignment. This should be something that you are interested in , as well as be something that is useful to the clinic and of benefit to our patients. Examples of projects include mapping distance patients travel to the clinic and loca patterns of disease, rates of TB amongst our patients and compliance with medication and the patients knowledge of HIV transmission and disease.

Whatever your background or experience you shall assist with the daily duties which may include

Primary healthcare: observations, reassuarence to the patients, treatments and emergencies

Referral observations; pregnancy tests , urine tests for patients and recording findings weighing babies and recordings, glucose testing and recording, wound dressing and cleaning of wounds

Stock control; packing medicines and new orders, family planning substance, abuse counselling data capture input, accompanying the nurse into the community to carry out procedures

General maintenance and cleaning of the clinic, helping with projects like vegetables gardens.

Social Volutourism

Social Voluntourism

Us in the two projects we offer, orphanage day care and Community support which is focused on educational volunteering rural medication and HIV awareness. In education project the volunteers work with crèches (preschool for children under the age of 5) and organise afternoon and reading projects, another aspect is focusing on primary school and assisting with the resources for educational purposes eg textbook, computers writing books. Teaching the local women and girl child and children the importance of education in local communities.

The volunteers will attend from Monday to Friday for 4 to 6 hours and weekend has free times to do resort activities like game drives and rafting.

Depending on the number of people that day the Voluntourism can be split into 3 different fields conversation , construction and education, During these days they are taken to the crocodile centre cheetah interaction. In the conservation centres they first receive a tour which include cleaning the benches and cages, Construction is also done and other volunteers can focus on community welfare like distributing gift vouchers, food and whatever they feel they need to assist with.

Reaching out Voluntourism (ROV) will be included this is Voluntourism project where volunteers presents themselves as a charity , will also divide into 2 African safari , a trip where the volunteers stay in the national park and learn how to track animals and take non indigenous plants

On the first day of Voluntourism, the volunteers receive an induction. In the general induction they learn about self and local customs, they learn about specific projects and the Do’s and don’ts.

Set dates

Working days – Mondays to Fridays

Working hours – 4 to 6 hours

Voluntourism work option :At a one to one Skype or email interview we will discuss your skills, experiences and of course preferences to ensure that you are assigned to the right project during your stay with us in Zimbabwe.

Summary Voluntourism

Day 1-Meet and greet by our representatives and have private or group road transfer to the Voluntourists house. Have very warmly welcome drink, check in and relax, 3 meal course provided

Day 2- Group introduction and orientation

Day 3- work begin