Social Volutourism

Social Voluntourism

Us in the two projects we offer, orphanage day care and Community support which is focused on educational volunteering rural medication and HIV awareness. In education project the volunteers work with crèches (preschool for children under the age of 5) and organise afternoon and reading projects, another aspect is focusing on primary school and assisting with the resources for educational purposes eg textbook, computers writing books. Teaching the local women and girl child and children the importance of education in local communities.

The volunteers will attend from Monday to Friday for 4 to 6 hours and weekend has free times to do resort activities like game drives and rafting.

Depending on the number of people that day the Voluntourism can be split into 3 different fields conversation , construction and education, During these days they are taken to the crocodile centre cheetah interaction. In the conservation centres they first receive a tour which include cleaning the benches and cages, Construction is also done and other volunteers can focus on community welfare like distributing gift vouchers, food and whatever they feel they need to assist with.

Reaching out Voluntourism (ROV) will be included this is Voluntourism project where volunteers presents themselves as a charity , will also divide into 2 African safari , a trip where the volunteers stay in the national park and learn how to track animals and take non indigenous plants

On the first day of Voluntourism, the volunteers receive an induction. In the general induction they learn about self and local customs, they learn about specific projects and the Do’s and don’ts.

Set dates

Working days – Mondays to Fridays

Working hours – 4 to 6 hours

Voluntourism work option :At a one to one Skype or email interview we will discuss your skills, experiences and of course preferences to ensure that you are assigned to the right project during your stay with us in Zimbabwe.

Summary Voluntourism

Day 1-Meet and greet by our representatives and have private or group road transfer to the Voluntourists house. Have very warmly welcome drink, check in and relax, 3 meal course provided

Day 2- Group introduction and orientation

Day 3- work begin