All years of age are invited to their volunteer abroad programs lasting one to twelve weeks. They do some environment and wildlife work, however, they have a strong focus on cultural experience and language immersion so you just may find yourself teaching English in local schools. Some of the highlights are:Provide educational opportunities to rural students (especially girls), and strengthen environmental awareness.

  • Build friendships and understanding among people from around the world.
  • Foster youth leadership through practical experience in a challenging environment.
  • Experience life in rural Zimbabwe first-hand; learn about current social, environmental, and economic issues

Live with a host family in Zimbabwe, immerse yourself in local daily routine lives of the Zimbabwean, AND volunteer with at a childcare facility! Volunteers will also be able to exercise some tutoring and teaching skills by helping out kids with their English skills. If that’s not worthy for a college application, very few things on this Earth will be!

Get Public Health Experience in Zimbabwe with African Impact

If you’re a pre-med student or interest in public health abroad, this gig’s right up your alley. You’ll get to experience a whole spectrum of health care services in Zimbabwe from educating about hygiene and HIV to assisting the elderly with emotional and physical support. Work side-by-side with other international volunteers to make up for a staffing shortfall to improve the health of the local communities! African Impact is a no-brainer on lists of the best volunteer abroad organizations.

Empower Women in Zimbabwe with Volunteering Journeys

Use your wisdom and knowledge built from the last few decades of life to improve the lives of countless women and young girls in Zimbabwe. Many women are still seen as belonging to a lower social class in Zimbabwean culture, and don’t have many of the same educational and professional opportunities available to men. Volunteer in shelters and girls’ schools to empower them with the skills and confidence they need to succeed!

Work with Children with Disabilities in Zimbabwe with Love Volunteers

Because of an understaffed team and lack of resources, volunteers are severely needed to help to work with children with disabilities. From assisting teachers to giving warm companionship, volunteer duties include a wide spectrum to provide for the everyday needs of children of all ages. If you have a loving heart and compassionate patience, this volunteer project is especially for you!

Help Conserve Wildlife in Zimbabwe with IVHQ

With ties to the Zimbabwe National Parks Authority, you’ll be whisked away to another world on this wildlife conservation project as you live and work on a private game reserve. Safety is a top priority for International Volunteer HQ, so you can rest assured you will always have a reputable resource to rely on. When you’re not busy saving Big Cats, you’ll have the chance to assist in community development projects outside of the park.